1. Marvel has opportunities to introduce diverse characters in it’s films; the studio just isn’t taking them. The Avengers superhero team, while heavily skewed to white male members, has also had several women members, members of color, and even women of color on the team–like Mantis! The Guardians of the Galaxy team also features several women superheroes.

    When characters of color like Warhammer are included, they do not cross over to other films. (When New York City was under siege in The Avengers, why didn’t anyone think to call in Rhodey?) Any story revolving around SHIELD could have easily inserted Chinese American hero Jimmy Woo, Agent of SHIELD; instead, fans were introduced to a new character, SHIELD agent Phil Coulson. While Phil Coulson proved to be a fan favorite, this new character was again portrayed by a white actor. Marvel also had the opportunity to cast a Latina actress to depict Maria Hill, which would have broken the streak of half a dozen movies with no women of color or Latino characters. It’s mind boggling that a film like The Avengers, set in the metropolitan United States, featured a ton of white guys, two women, and one black guy. The only hope for saving the world from alien invaders was a team that barely represented it.

    — Marissa Lee writes "On Marvel, Mandarin and Marginalization" for Racebending.com.

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