1. Three years ago, I set out to write a novel about Cho Seung-Hui, the shooter in the Virginia Tech massacre. Since Columbine, I have held an unhealthy interest in the way the media, and by extension, the greater moralizing population, processes mass killings. Cho was a Korean-American from the South who had entered college with dreams, however mangled and bizarre, of becoming a writer. That same sentence could have been written about me.

    — Jay Caspian Kang, in the Awl, talking about not making sense of violent tragedies.

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  1. This guy literally arms himself to the teeth by mail order without anyone pointing a finger and saying, ‘What’s going on?’ " asked Imam Ibrahim Kazerooni, a little incredulous. "If my name is Ibrahim or Mohammed and I order a gun or that much ammunition on the Internet, I think within a few hours of the delivery, the FBI and CIA is at my house.

    — Murphy: Colorado Muslims wonder if theater shooter might have been noticed - The Denver Post

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